Michelle Ferraros Dance USA





Erica H.

Rec Classes / Competition Team - Regional & National

MFDUSA has been much more than a dance studio where kids get training, learn the skills to dance and find the “LOVE OF DANCE” like our girls did.. MFDUSA is a safe zone for kids to be themselves. It helped our girls learn how you can benefit and grow from hard-work and commitment. It is responsible for lifelong friendships for our girls and ourselves. It’s a place where many great memories have been made. As a family, we are glad that MFDUSA was a major part of our girls childhood. They literally grew up there. Tiny tots to Senior Year- it’s been an amazing journey. They wouldn’t have had it any other way. We’ll miss you!

Margaret L.

Competition Team - National

Michelle Ferraro’s Dance USA has been a second home to my daughter, Samantha. Michelle and her staff care about their students and want them to be successful, not only as a team but as individuals inside and outside the studio. There’s an emphasis not only on the physical aspect of dancing but also on the emotional and social parts of being a well-rounded individual.

I’d like to thank Michelle and her staff for creating a nurturing and safe environment over the years.

Tara T.

Competition Team - National

Michelle Ferraro’s Dance USA is not just a dancing school to me. It is a home filled with my family. In this home I am taught the skills I need to succeed with motivation and encouragement along the way. I am learning a work ethic that follows me to my school work and will hopefully stay with me throughout my life. We are taught that hard work does pay off even if we don’t come out on top, we have improved ourselves and our group and that’s the most important thing. My home at MFDUSA is filled with people who encourage me and support me and it is a perfect place to spend all my hours. I wouldn’t be the person, student, or dancer I am today without Michelle Ferraro’s Dance USA and it’s amazing teachers! Thank you!

Christine L.

Rec Classes

I hope this is what was needed. I could have written a novel. I seriously see a HUGE change in my girls dance growth and happiness and if it was not for the staff here  encouraging the students and my girls I would have unhappy girls, which instead I have very happy girls who are eager to go to MFDUSA daily. Olivia now comes into my car at  night full of happiness which was not that in the prior studio.  Olivia used to come into my car holding back tears until I drove away of what went on while in dance.  She is now this happy girl excited to talk about the classes and what was learned.  Victoria has also changed in saying to me how me how much she loves your studio.  It is clear MFDUSA is run the way a dance studio should be.   I am beyond grateful of MFDUSA and all you have given my girls in the short time they have been there. I truly feel like we are a part of a dance family where we can finally call our second family. Thank you to all.

Melissa P.

Competition Team - Regional

My daughters have been dancing at Michelle Ferraro’s Dance USA since the age of 2 and they absolutely love it. The teachers are wonderful, their knowledge and incredible talents are apparent when you watch your children progress and participate in the most amazing numbers and unbelievable dance recitals each year. I highly recommend Michelle Ferraro’s Dance USA.

Dawn M.

Competition Team - National

We LOVE  Michelle Ferraro’s Dance USA in Coram NY!!! My daughter has been dancing there for 4 years now, and we could not be happier with them. Even with the COVID19 outbreak, we became even more impressed and bonded with them. Despite the unprecedented times, they found a way to keep some normalcy in the kids’ lives during the pandemic. They were on top of it with communication, activities for the kids, and zoom classes to continue dancing which allowed them to have a recital at the end of the year.

I am beyond moved and amazed with the studio, the owners and the teachers there!!! They are more than just a business.  You can tell the owner; Michelle Ferraro and her staff love what they do! They care about their dancers and have true love for dance.

Their level of dancing is stellar and watching all their kids dance will surely keep a smile on your face. Their performances and choreography are great, from REC classes to competition classes.

Michelle Ferraro’s studio sets the bar. Enroll your child here, you will not be disappointed!!

Jessica C.

Rec Classes / Competition Team - Regional & National

My daughters decided to join MFDUSA after spending 10 years at another studio. Although challenging to step out of their comfort zones, the transition was seamless. We were welcomed by the teachers, students and parents. There was a lot of hard work to do, but also an incredible amount of support from Michelle and her team. The teachers are genuine – they WANT to teach. The environment is positive and the expectations are clear. We love our new studio and are so proud to be part of the MFDUSA Team.

Venetta J.

My daughter started dancing at Michelle Ferraro at 5 years old.  She is now 9.  She first took primary 1 and 2 with Ms. Gail and has been with her every year since.  Ms. Gail is wonderful and my daughter feels so comfortable with her!!  She also loves taking Acro and has grown tremendously with Ms. Kerri.  I have to say all the teachers are truly wonderful and have been very good to my daughter ❤.  I am very happy and feel very comfortable having Madison at this school.