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Studio Policy


Studio Policy

Michelle Ferraro’s Dance USA

25 Gibbs Road, Coram, NY 11727
Phone:(631) 736-5800
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Website: www.mfdanceusa.com
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The following information will summarize some of the policies at our dance school:

We follow the school year therefore your tuition is based on a 10 month year. We require that all accounts be on automatic payment with a credit card that is to be kept on file with us. Credit cards accepted are Visa, MasterCard, or Discover. Payments will be deducted the 1st of the month. If we do not receive your payment by the 10th we will automatically charge your card on file again, if the credit card does not go through there will be a $15 late fee added to your account NO LATE FEES WILL BE WAIVED FOR ANY REASON. If you do not pay it with your monthly installment, it will then be added to your next month’s payment. All checks can be made out to MF Dance USA.

Tuition is a yearly fee that is broken down into 9 payments for your convenience. At registration we require that your 1st and last installment be paid along with the registration fee, the remaining payments are broken down into 8 equal installments regardless of the number of weeks in the month. The registration fee is due once a year and is NON-REFUNDABLE. If for some reason you discontinue class, your last installment is refundable as long as you have no other balances at the studio and we receive written notification within the month the student stops attending class and before January 1st.


Make up classes are a courtesy of the studio. No refund or credit will be given for missed classes. A credit will only be given if the student is injured for a length of time which will be determined by Michelle with a doctor’s note. In order to receive a credit the studio must be notified in writing either by email or letter. If for some reason a student is absent from class, they need to ask the teacher which class they can make up in. You are still responsible for your regular monthly installment whether the student makes up the class or not. After February, we do not offer make up classes because classes start working on their recital routines.

If the studio closes for inclement weather we will send out a text message alert, it will also be on our answering machine and website.

We offer all of our students the chance to participate in our annual dance recital in June (with the exception of our Tiny Tot/Tumble Tots students). Tiny Tots/Tumble Tots have their recital at the end of May and it is held at the studio. For the rest of the students, our recital will be held at a local school. Participating in the recital is not mandatory, but we encourage all of our students to show off what they learned all year. We will NOT be taking any conflicts for recital, if your child can not participate in the show their class is scheduled for you will still be responsible for the costume cost.

Any student that participates in the annual recital will be required to purchase a recital costume for their class. A $50 costume deposit per costume is required and will automatically be charged to your credit card on file on October 15th. If for some reason payment is not made your costume WILL NOT be ordered. All costumes are NON-REFUNDABLE. Costume companies do not allow us to cancel orders, so once you pay the deposit, you are responsible for any balances. If there is a costume balance we will again automatically charge your card on file, you will receive an email with the date and amount that will be debited to your card. Costumes will not be handed out unless the full balance is paid. We measure students starting in October, during class.

We also hire a dance photographer that takes individual pictures and/or group shots. This is not mandatory but is encouraged. The cost of the pictures are determined by the photographer and paid directly to them.

Monthly newsletters are available on our website and are emailed to you, to let you know information on what is going on at the studio. They are informative and alleviate a lot of questions.