Michelle Ferraros Dance USA

Solo Critiques

Solo critiques from this weekend are being sent out. This process takes time (it could take up to a few days) as each one is sent individually. We will send out a text when all critiques have been sent. IF AT THAT TIME, you have not received yours, then you can email the competition email to inquire. Please do not email us until after you have received the text that we have completed sending them all out.

In order to view this weekends critiques, you may need to download PLAYER. Click the link below to download.


If you’re unable to open the judge video critiques, download VLC media player for free here.-  https://www.videolan.org/vlc/index.html

If you’re unable to open the zip file, download iZip for free here.-   https://www.izip.com/

These are the instructions we received from KAR directly. If you have any additional problems opening your critiques, please have your child discuss with their teacher. Please do not email the studio as the above is all we have. Thank you