Michelle Ferraros Dance USA

Packets and Schedules

In reference to packets: you have be registered and paid for fall/intensive to pick up you packet please note they are DUE back signed all sheets including solo sheets by 9/8 we will be back in for payments and pick ups on Tuesday 5-8. class schedules are in your accounts on AKADA we know there are some classes moved to different days as we have a few new groups this year and need to fit their classes into the schedules which include our recreational classes/teacher availability etc. If you believe YOUR child’s schedule is incorrect ( if class is missing or dropping genre) please email competition.

Packets are the time of year your child should be excited for new beginnings!! REMEMBER ALL KIDS GROW AT DIFFERENT RATES. And all have growing to do !please stay positive for all the accomplishments your child and their team mates have had. Read evaluations for where improvements can be made and accomplishments!!

In reference to LINES there are NO 11&Under lines this year we are doing a Jr. production number instead (which I am very excited about)as stated on the packet .This allows the younger kids to participate in maybe a solo/duo/trio/small group etc. I do change things from year to year to do different things so NO it is not missing they have not been removed we are just having other things instead. Reminder this is STEP 1 after i get all limits you will receive EXACTLY what you are being offered hopefully all will be happy!!