We have just received an update from the competition please see all info below:

PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING CHANGE – Due to the Convention Center addition construction, the Convention Center is trying to honor all contracts despite the lack of the completed new space (the project was supposed to be finished January 2024, and now is expected done January 2025), the venue has required us to cut one day from the event calendar.  Accordingly, the competition dates will be July 6, 7, 8, and 9th

No Limits Challenge

We have a final day (July 9th) competition call the Imagine No Limits Challenge (this is very similar to Battles at other SDA events). In the morning on Wednesday July 9th No Limits will be the highest scoring Novice group 11 & Under and 12 & Over, the Intermediate No Limits selections.  The afternoon of July 9th will be the Advanced No Limits which traditionally ends around 5 pm.   Please remind your parents that this exists when making their reservations.  The NO LABELS IMPROV FINALS will take place during the Title Showdown on July 8thIf you are unfamiliar with our improv challenge, please email Shaun and Kaely for the full explanation. 

Spirit Day

Spirit Day will be Time Machine (think Bill and Ted’s excellent adventure!  Dress up in any time long past, past, or future) theme this season.  Spirit Day will be Monday July, 8th.

Title Showdown

The top 3 advanced solo title scoring dancers for each gender and age category will be invited to re-compete at the Title Showdown.  The schedule will be determined once the full schedule is made.  This will likely occur on July 8th.  Both for Intermediate and Advanced Title Showdown.

The No Labels finals will be held at the same time as the Title Showdown on July 8th.