Michelle Ferraros Dance USA


Below is the list of missing ballets. This covers all of September through March 11th (any ballets made up on Monday 3/14 are not in). ALL made up ballets through March 11th, they have already been deducted from your total of missed ballets to date. Remember ALL ballets need to be made up. See Miss Daniella for a make-up sheet, she will sign and then hand the sheet into the desk. If you have any questions about your missing ballets, please email competition@mfdanceusa.com.


ATTENTION DANCERS & PARENTS – For those that compete in Jazz and Contemporary, these ballet absences need to be explained. This is a requirement. If I don’t see anyone trying to rectify the situation, please note any dance that your child is in will be pulled for this first comp. This includes Solos & Duet/Trios. There are rules for a reason. You wouldn’t be able to miss soccer practice and then play in the game; a coach would never allow that. Same goes for dance!! – MF

Student NameMissing
Alpert, Sophia4
Blank, Nicole 
Brockhoff, Abigail4
Campagna, Elliana6
Cervini, Jacquelyn3
Coen, Kyleigh5
Crispino, Andrew3
Cruz, Isaiah3
Darcy, Madelyn3
DeVito, Gianna1
Echevarria, Gianna6
Emin ** 1, Kaylin6
Evers, Matthew6
Funkhouser, Sophia4
Healey, Nikayla4
Imwalle, Addison5
Kitt, Hannah 
Loughlin, Lillian
Lynch, Olivia3
Maguire, Taylor3
Malawista, Zoe Lynn1
Marcus, Samantha3
Mendes, Alex 
Mendes, Jessie 
Morello, Ashley
Nielsen, Ava 
Parsons, Rylie
Raic, Gabriella1
Scaturro, Haley 
Sciarrino, Averie4
Simmons, Keandra2
Squicciarini, Kendall6
Style, Makayla6
Theodoropoulos, Delaney
Tuccillo, Ava2
Varricchio, Jessica1
Villani, Hayley5
Williams, Mackenzie4
Williams, Mia Grace6
York**, Grace 
Student NameMissing
Dilone, Leilani3
Evers, Maxine6
Galeano, Ariana 
Hannifin, Isla 
Healey, Arianna9
Lipani, Grace1
Marsh, Kaylin
Miller, Raelyn
Mone, Gabriella 
Nazario, Juliana2
Peralta, Ava 
Porcaro, Gianella 
Rodriguez, Jaelyn5
Sooknanan, Abbigale1
Sooknanan, Anjali1