Michelle Ferraros Dance USA

Competition Necessities

Comp Season 2022 Check List


Ripped jeans, blue mock shirt, white laced back shirt, white crew socks white huraches 

Denim shorts, white biker shorts, white tank, blue shirt, white crew socks, white huraches

White sweat pants, white long sleeve, denim corset, white crew socks, white huraches

Denim overalls, white shirt, white spaghetti strap sports bra, blue shorts, white NO SHOW socks, white huraches 

Boys- jeans, white hoodie, blue shirt, white socks white huraches


All have blue bandana on LEFT side! Except boys


sweatsuit, black tank 

White tennis skirt, black shirt, black sports bra

White overall, graffiti mock tank

Black one piece, bkavk booty shorts, button down graffiti shirt

Black long sleeve one piece, graffiti shorts 

Black one piece, black booty shorts, peplum shirt

Boys- black pants and vest, graffiti tshirt 





black pants, white Leo, black corset, pink bandana 


Black combat boots and black crew socks 


black leggings and sports bra


Black crew socks black combat boots


100 ACRE WOOD (Mini 5)

Character leotard

Ears & tails (Bobby pins for ears!)

Light suntan footed tights

Tan buckle (Mary Jane) tap shoes!



5,6,7,8 (Mini 6)

One piece short set


Wrist bands

Scarf (safety pinned)

HAT (Bobby pinned!!) 

Light suntan footed tights

Tan buckle (Mary Jane) tap shoes!


THE RETURN (small group) 

Girls- neon green crop top, white bandana on head, 

Guys- white rounded neck t shirt (baggy), neon green and black vest

All- the same black white & green joggers from Amazon 

Shoes- white hurraches

Girls- medium size silver hoops 

NYC (line)

Everyone – black, white & purple outfit 

White hurraches 

Girls- medium size silver hoops 

Purple bandana’s (nina has) 

Ballin (Small Fry Red Hip-Hip)

Red T-shirt

Black shorts



Black ankle socks

*no jewelry

*Girls please wear black sports bra under T-shirt

Lipgloss (Jr Red Hip Hop)

Gold Jacket

Black sports bra


Black socks

Black & White Converse



Wonder (Jr Red Contemporary)


NO shoes

NO tights

NO jewlery 

Human (Teen Large Contemporary Group 3) 

Light Pink shirt

blue pants


comp hair piece 

Perfect- (Teen Small Contemporary Group 3) 

green top and bottom

comp hair piece

no tights


Gods Will- (SF Blue Large Contemporary) 

Girls: white dress

 white shorts

comp hair piece

no tights



White t shirt

Grey pants


Shake Your Tail Feather (SF Red Jazz) 

Pink costume 

Tan Jazz shoes 

Light suntan tights 

Comp hairpiece on right side of head

Comp earrings & necklace 

Little Shop (SF Red Tap)

Black & Green Costume

Light suntan tights Black fishnets over 

Black Tap shoes 

Comp headpiece & earrings 

No necklace because of the high neck on top

Jelly’s (Jr Red Tap)

Black & Red Costume 

Black lace up tap shoes 

Black gloves 

All Comp jewelry( Earrings, Necklace & Comb) 

Light suntan tights with black fishnets over 

Emergency (Jr Red Jazz) 


Light suntan tights

Tan Jazz shoes

All Comp jewelry (Earrings, Necklace & Comb)


All Comp Jewlery (Earrings, Necklace & comb) 

Black Jazz shoes for EVERYONE

Black combat boots for those who switch for HipHop

Black Tap shoes for those who switch for Tap

Boys not including Luke are wearing Black Jazz shoes with black high socks and black sneakers for Hiphop 

SF & Junior Red- Diamonds Section 

You must have on light suntan footed tights with black fishnets over with your black shorts 

Everyone who has on black leggings MUST wear Black TIGHTS under Leggings!! 

Everyone who has a dress as well as the Tango Girls are wearing light suntan foot tights with black fishnets 

You will be given Black gloves to wear if they come in on time and if you tumble please purchase got to be glued hairspray so you don’t slip! 

Get Ready(Teen Jazz Large Group 3)


All comp jewelry 

Black footed tights

Black Jazz shoes 

If needed black booty shorts under costume and safety

Pinned to costume 

Boys- Black long sleeve button down, black pants, black belt, black Jazz shoes, black high socks 


Red costume 

Tan Jazz shoes 

Comp earrings & comb 

No Necklace 

Find a way

Barefoot for Everyone

Girls  Black turtle neck, black booty shorts with title neck tucked in with jumpsuit over.

Comp comb with have to stay in as it’s too hard to take out and leaves your head with a huge bump.

Boys Black turtle neck tucked into black pants, black belt

  1. Earrings: Small for Mini 5/6-Small Fry Red & Large for Small Fry Blue & all Jrs to Srs
  2. Necklace: Big for all Small Fry to Sr’s / Small for Mini 5 (Mini 6 – No necklace)
  3. Hair comb: All Small Fry to Sr. (None for Mini’s)
  4. Team suit to be worn for all award ceremonies. During the weekend you are expected to wear studio apparel at all times, but for awards team suit. No one looking sloppy on stage when representing the studio.
  5. Makeup listed below
  6. Eyelashes: Small Fry Blue/Red – Ardell Demi #101

                    Jr to Sr – Ardell Professional Studio Effects 232

Make-up for all girls – TUTORIAL MEETING – MONDAY, FEBRUARY 21ST AT 6:30PM

Please make sure that primer & setting spray is used for longevity of the makeup. Those in many numbers look washed out / messy and they need to look nice and clean every time they go on stage. There will be Make-up sheets at the desk if you need to see where the colors go. If you go to the Mac store, they have the studio information on file.

Mac Eyeshadow colors, there are 4 colors for SF Blue-Srs.-they are cheaper to buy the palette holder and buy the pods that fit.

*Colors light skin girls: Rice Paper, Amber lights, Brun & Texture. Eyeshadow base for longevity/Pro Longwear Paint pot shade – Painterly (Matte)

*Dark skin girls: Rice paper, Amber lights, Carbon & Texture. Eyeshadow base for longevity/Pro Longwear Paint pot shade -Groundwork

2 colors for Mini-Small Frys- Rice Paper & Amber Lights.

Lipstick: **NEW COLOR** EVERYONE ONE MUST GET! (It is a totally different color!!)

            Feel So Grand – liquid lipstick (Matte waterproof)

            Optional lip liner – Cherry

Foundation – Studio Tech (get matched to your skin tone)

Blush- Faux Sure

Black Eyeliner for lids only, not in water line

Hair – Center Part, Low Bun – The whole team!!! Must use a hair net to match your hair color with hair pins and bobbie pins.